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Pierson Dapier Memorial Music Scholarship 

Application Form 

Congratulations on being nominated for the Pierson Dapier Memorial Music Scholarship. This drum scholarship is more than a financial aid opportunity; it is a celebration of the transformative power of music and the enduring impact one person can have on the world through their melodies. You are invited to embrace this opportunity, keeping alive the spirit of Pierson Dapier through the magic of music.


Please fill out the application form below for this scholarship. Each submission will be carefully reviewed to identify individuals who exemplify the desire and creativity that characterized Pierson's musical journey through life. Pierson’s family will review each submission and work with the CROYA Foundation staff and the Activator Music Academy staff to select a recipient. If you have questions, please contact us at

What School Do You Attend?
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Thank you for applying for the Pierson Dapier Memorial Music Scholarship. We will review all submissions and contact you soon. Good Luck and Rock On!

Thanks for submitting!

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