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Pierson Dapier Memorial Music Scholarship

In the rhythmic heartbeat of life, there exist individuals whose heartbeat resonates through the cadence of drumbeats, weaving a unique tapestry of emotions and experiences. Pierson Dapier was a passionate percussionist and musician who not only played a multitude of instruments but perceived life through the enchanting language of music.

In his honor, Pierson’s daughters have established the Pierson Dapier Memorial Music Scholarship as a testament to their father’s unwavering commitment to the art of drumming and the profound impact that music had on shaping his worldview. 

For Pierson, the drum kit was not merely an arrangement of instruments; it was a canvas upon which emotions, stories, and perspectives were painted with each beat. His musical odyssey was a profound exploration of self-expression. Where Pierson could not find the words, he found the musical notes and beats. Pierson was not just a musician, he was a storyteller, a wild dreamer, a father, and an artist who sought to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible through the universal language of rhythm.

We hope that the establishment of the Pierson Dapier Memorial Music Scholarship can provide recognition and celebration of the transformative power of drumming and help put that energy in the hands of an individual who sees life through the intricate patterns of sound.

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About The Scholarship

The Pierson Dapier Memorial Music Scholarship aims to nurture and support the musical aspirations of students in grades 7-12 who share Pierson’s passion for creating and exploring the world through music.

This scholarship seeks to celebrate Pierson’s legacy by providing a platform for young talents to blossom and carry forward the spirit of music that he embodied. This scholarship opportunity will be provided in partnership with The CROYA Foundation and the Activator Music Academy.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Pierson Dapier Memorial Music Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in grades 7-12 during the scholarship year. Applicants must be at minimum entering into 7th grade during the scholarship application/award year.

  • Recipients must reside in one of the following towns in Illinois: Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, or Knollwood.

  • Students must demonstrate a keen interest in and dedication to music. 

  • Students can be nominated by a teacher, mentor, a CROYA staff member, an Activator Music Academy staff member, or an influencing adult via their Nomination Form HERE. Nominators will be asked to include their contact information and a brief statement about why they believe the nominee would benefit from music lessons. Inquiries about the nomination process can be sent to

  • Once Nominated and notified by staff, Nominees must fulfill the nomination process criteria as listed below and apply for the scholarship. An application link will be sent to qualifying nominees. 

Nomination Process

Upon nomination, students are invited to formally go through the application process. In the application, the nominee will submit a personal statement describing their connection to music, and how drumming lessons could support or even ignite a passion for music and be a positive outlet in their lives that they have not been able to fulfill yet through other means. If students have samples of their existing musical work, they are invited to submit it, but it is not required for consideration. Each submission will be carefully reviewed to identify individuals who exemplify the desire and creativity that characterized Pierson's musical journey through life. Pierson’s family will review each submission and work together with CROYA Foundation staff and Activator Music Academy staff to select a recipient.

Award Details

The selected recipient will be awarded twelve (12), one-hour, weekly drumming lessons through the Activator Music Academy (value: $828) to further their musical education and endeavors. A beginner gear package (value: $250) will also be awarded. Additionally, the recipient will have the opportunity to utilize studio time with a professional engineer to capture and showcase their talent in one (1) studio recording (rough mix, quick master) with the Activator Music Academy. The studio session includes one of the following: a solo-session up to three (3) hours in length, OR three (3) one-hour sessions that will include an additional musician. The studio session expires 3 months after the scholarship award period. All deadline dates and requirements will be provided in the scholarship offer letter. Recipients (or legal guardian) will be required to sign the liability waiver provided by the Activator Music Academy located here upon acceptance of the scholarship:

Scholarship Award Period

Spring 2024 - Lessons can be fulfilled weekly April 1, 2024 thru June 30, 2024. If students have to miss a weekly class for any reason, the student will need to communicate with their drum teacher to organize make-up classes. All make-up classes must be fulfilled within the scholarship award period. Any lessons not utilized within the scholarship award period will be forfeited.

The Studio Session must be fulfilled no later than September 30, 2024.

If the Studio Session is not redeemed by the expiration date, the Studio Session is forfeited. 

The nomination deadline for Spring 2024 is March 22, 2024. 

Nominate a Student HERE.

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